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SEO for Norway and Europe. Let me help you to the top of Google

SEO is a subfield of digital marketing, and is an important digital marketing field for the norwegian market. Norway is one of the most digitised countries and is continually ranking on top in terms of internet penetration.

In addition to being one of the most digitised countries in the world, Norway is also amongst the richest countries in terms of GDP per capita. This means that our consumer market is important on an international stage, despite our relatively small sized population.

The high level of digitisation and disposable income per capita in Norway, means that SEO is a very attractive and cost effective way of marketing to reach consumers and businesses in Norway. Everyday in Norway, there are more 50 million Google searches taking place. A huge proportion of these searches are related to products, services and information gathering related to commercial activities. This means that a company with a good SEO presence in Norway is capable of generating a lot of leads and customers.

Another good argument for investing in SEO in Norway, is the fact that our market is relatively small, which means that SEO in Norway is less competitive than in many other markets. In other words, you can achieve a high ROI (return on investment) on your SEO investment for your company in Norway.

Who are we?

Marketin is a digital marketing and SEO agency with a primary focus on SEO. We are one of just a handful true SEO-agencies in Norway.

By having a primary focus on SEO, we can deliver better results for SEO than what many other marketing and digital marketing agencies can deliver.

We have been operative since our establishment in 2019, and we have since experienced rapid growth. We have already helped a number of clients both for international SEO and digital marketing, as well as SEO/digital marketing primarily for the norwegian national market.

To date, our team consists of 3 members with experience within fields such as web development, analysis and statistics, social media marketing, copywriting & content creation, SEO, SEM and graphic design. By combining these fields, we can deliver complete and unique digital marketing solutions.

We also have an international mindset and unique insights into the european market. This allows us to do international digital marketing for multiple markets. This will surely come in handy for multinational companies that want tailored marketing campaigns and SEO for their specific markets.

This is what we have accomplished for our partners

As mentioned above, we have with great success already helped a number of clients in Norway. Some of these clients also operate internationally.

Among the international clients that we have helped, Triton and Eventim are the most widely known and important. We delivered a combination of SEO and web development for these companies. A dramatic increase in their SEO results was achieved through well-structured and targeted campaigns including analytics and planning, content creation in English and Norwegian, as well as post-publication monitoring.

In addition to our partners operating internationally, we also have partners operating uniquely in the norwegian market. Overall, our partners include companies within fields such as e-commerce, construction, ticketing solutions, sale of POS systems, R&D, car sale, web hosting and web development and more. In other words, we are capable of working with companies operating within any field.

All our partners have experienced noticeable returns on their SEO investments with us. Some of our partners have also experienced exponential revenue growth as a direct result of manyfold increase in SEO-derived traffic to their websites.

This confirms the fact that an SEO investment with Marketin is cost effective and prosperous. For concrete data and case information, please do not hesitate to contact us at or by phone: (+47) 994 03 426.

Marketin, your partner for international SEO

If you are looking for a partner for SEO and digital marketing in Norway and Europe, then we are the perfect partner for you and your company. We provide complete digital marketing solutions to give you the growth and market penetration you desire.

We are looking forward to hearing from you to better learn about you and your company. We believe that every company is unique, and we therefore go to great lengths to get better acquainted with every single one of our partners in order to deliver custom tailored solutions suited for your unique environment and to tackle your unique problems.